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 +====== Multi Panel ======
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 +Brian M. Kane Says: ((8 October 2015 at 4:41am | Reply)) \\ 
 +I cannot comment on his Tarzan, but Hal Foster used multi-panels in Prince Valiant. Foster’s first two P.V. multi-image panels were on Page #10, 4-17-1937. Each panel had multiple images; each image had its own text, and all the images shared the same background. Foster used this story telling device fairly frequently, and his greatest use of this technique was Page #177 6-30-1940, in which the whole page is one multi-image panel. Foster’s first true multi-panel that was divided by a gutter was Page #204, 1-5-1941. After he semi-retired in 1971, Foster continued designing multi-panels for 10 years in his pencil layouts for John Cullen Murphy.
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